Red River

Red River

Howard Hawks (1948)

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This magnificent western is one of the greatest achievements of American cinema. Basing his film on co-screenwriter Borden Chase's novel, producer/director Howard Hawks created a rich masterpiece that repays frequent viewings. Set after the Civil War, it follows the journey of a massive cattle drive from Texas to Missouri. Hawks is aided by arguably John Wayne's finest performance (as uncompromising cattle boss Tom Dunson), and Wayne is matched by young Montgomery Clift (in a star-making role as Matthew Garth, Dunson's fast-on-the-draw ward). This is Hollywood film-making at its highest level, with music by Dimitri Tiomkin and photography by Russell Harlan that enhances and embellishes the text. It's not to be missed.


Conflict grows between a tough Texan rancher and his Civil War veteran foster son during a 1,000 mile cattle drive to Missouri. The older man's uncompromising methods and unyielding outlook lead his workers to mutiny - and the son ends up siding with the rebellious ranch hands against his father. Howard Hawks' Western, starring John Wayne, Montgomery Clift, Walter Brennan, Joanne Dru and Coleen Gray.

Cast & Crew

Thomas Dunson John Wayne
Matthew Garth Montgomery Clift
Tess Millay Joanne Dru
Groot Nadine Walter Brennan
Fen Coleen Gray
Cherry Valance John Ireland
Buster McGee Noah Beery Jr
Quo Chief Yowlachie
Mr Melville Harry Carey
Dan Latimer Harry Carey Jr
Teeler Yacy Paul Fix
Matt as a boy Mickey Kuhn
Dance-hall girl Shelley Winters
Director Howard Hawks
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