The Edge

The Edge

Lee Tamahori (1997)

15 Certificate


Our Score
What could have been a mediocre survival story is turned into an eminently watchable action adventure here thanks to the performances of Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. Hopkins plays a billionaire who suspects fashion photographer Baldwin covets his beautiful young wife (Elle Macpherson). But when their plane crashes in the Alaskan wilderness, the rivals must learn to depend on each other to survive. Lee Tamahori's crisp direction is enhanced by David Mamet's hard-boiled dialogue and Donald M McAlpine's awesome camerawork.


A plane crash leaves a billionaire stranded in the wilderness along with a photographer, who is secretly having an affair with his wife. The two men must put aside their conflict and work together to survive, especially when a ferocious bear starts pursuing them. Adventure, with Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin and Elle Macpherson. Includes Movie News at 11.55pm.

Cast & Crew

Charles Morse Anthony Hopkins
Robert Green Alec Baldwin
Mickey Morse Elle Macpherson
Stephen Harold Perrineau
Styles L Q Jones
Ginny Kathleen Wilhoite
James David Lindstedt
Mechanic Mark Kiely
Director Lee Tamahori
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Co. LtdGuidance: Contains violence and swearing. Available on: video and DVD