The Good Witch's Gift

The Good Witch's Gift

Craig Pryce (2010)

PG Certificate


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A radiant Catherine Bell returns for a third time as the titular, magical maiden Cassie in this warm if predictable festive addition to the popular Good Witch TV-movie series. Here the kindly sorceress has her hands full solving everyone's problems after her and police chief fiancé Jake's plans for an idyllic Christmas Eve wedding are threatened. Granted, the emotional and physical hiccups that occur aren't exactly dramatic - even when an agenda-driven ex-con arrives in town - while everything naturally comes together way too conveniently. However, the film's unabashed sweetness and its positive messages about love, family, and second chances make it a pleasant experience, particularly since all the schmaltz is left until the romantic, pure-fantasy finale.


Cassandra Nightingale's fiance proposes and they decide to get married at Christmas - leaving very little time to prepare for the big day. However, their marriage is threatened when a face from the groom's past arrives in town. Family drama sequel, starring Catherine Bell, Chris Potter and Laura Bertram.

Cast & Crew

Cassie Nightingale Catherine Bell
Jake Russell Chris Potter
George O'Hanrahan Peter MacNeil
Martha Tinsdale Catherine Disher
Brandon Russell Matthew Knight
Director Craig Pryce
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour