The Cup

The Cup

Simon Wincer (2011)

PG Certificate


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This Australian horse-racing drama is based on the true story of Damien Oliver (Stephen Curry), a jockey spurred on by personal tragedy to compete for the prestigious Melbourne Cup. Taking its cue from almost every underdog sports movie that came before it, the film unashamedly dives for the heartstrings, to the point where you may find yourself genuinely swept up in the final stages. However, this emotional investment is short-lived, as on the whole the plot forgoes depth and genuine conflict in favour of exhausted clichés. Curry is earnest enough for you to care about his journey, but he's helped enormously by Brendan Gleeson, who has some of the best scenes as the trainer helping the chase for victory. As it romps towards the inevitable feel-good finale, The Cup has just enough legs to take it past the finish line, but you can't help but feel such a remarkable true story deserved better than this.


Australian jockey Damien Oliver prepares to follow in his father's footsteps and compete in the 2002 Melbourne Cup. However, the weeks leading up to the event are rocked by tragedy for both Oliver himself, who faces a death in the family, and for the nation in the wake of the Bali bombings. Fact-based drama, starring Stephen Curry and Brendan Gleeson.

Cast & Crew

Damien Oliver Stephen Curry
Dermot Weld Brendan Gleeson
Jason Oliver Daniel MacPherson
Jenny Alice Parkinson
Trish Oliver Jodi Gordon
Bart Cummings Bill Hunter
Director Simon Wincer
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Some swearing