Hope and Glory

Hope and Glory

John Boorman (1987)

15 Certificate


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War may be hell if you're a grown-up, but it's a wheeze if you're nine years old and living in suburban London during the Blitz. Anyway, that's how it looks to the young hero of director John Boorman's whimsical, funny, nostalgic, semi-autobiographical memoir of family life in the Second World War. Sebastian Rice-Edwards gives an extraordinarily confident performance in the lead role, and he's matched by Geraldine Muir, playing his five-year-old sister. Sammi Davis as their rebellious elder sibling, meanwhile, gives a poignant portrayal of the teenager caught between sexual awakening and the savage truths of the day, especially in the scene when she informs her mother, Sarah Miles, of her intention to sleep with her Canadian soldier boyfriend. "We might all be dead tomorrow; just don't fall in love with him," sighs Miles. "Who said anything about love," snaps back Davis. The film is on the episodic side and Miles and Ian Bannen as the grandfather might both have toned down their eccentric portrayals a notch, but these are minor quibbles about a delightful movie. It was a personal triumph for Boorman: he received Oscar nominations for best film (as producer), best director and best original screenplay, while Philippe Rousselot's cinematography and Anthony Pratt and Joan Woollard's art direction/set decoration were rightly nominated, too.


London is in upheaval during the Blitz, but for a young boy the devastation presents a fabulous adventure. He is later sent to live with his grandfather, in whom he discovers a wonderfully eccentric and playful friend. Director John Boorman's Oscar-winning semi-autobiographical drama, starring Sebastian Rice-Edwards, Sarah Miles, Susan Wooldridge, Ian Bannen and Sammi Davis.

Cast & Crew

Bill Rohan Sebastian Rice-Edwards
Grace Rohan Sarah Miles
Clive Rohan David Hayman
Grandfather George Ian Bannen
Dawn Rohan Sammi Davis
Mac Derrick O'Connor
Molly Susan Wooldridge
Bruce Jean-Marc Barr
Sue Rohan Geraldine Muir
Grandma Annie Leon
Faith Jill Baker
Hope Amelda Brown
Charity Katrine Boorman
Luftwaffe pilot Charley Boorman
Clive's friend Colin Higgins
WVS Woman Shelagh Fraser
Headmaster Gerald James
Teacher Barbara Pierson
Roger Nicky Taylor
Old Bill John Boorman
Director John Boorman
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia-Cannon-WarnerGuidance: Contains swearing.Available on: video and DVD