Beyond the Sea

Beyond the Sea

Kevin Spacey (2004)

12A Certificate


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This is very much a labour of love for Kevin Spacey, who, as well as taking the all-singing, all-dancing lead, co-wrote and directed this biopic of crooner Bobby Darin. It charts the singer's astonishing life from an illness-ridden childhood (he was told he wouldn't survive adolescence) to his death at the tragically young age of 37, taking in Darin's recording triumphs, marriage to Sandra Dee (Kate Bosworth), success in Vegas and Hollywood and a career-damaging flirtation with Vietnam-era protest songs. Spacey is outstanding as Darin, delivering a note-perfect re-creation of the singer's style and hoofing his way through the dance numbers with aplomb. But the film's structure - a strange blend of flashbacks and fantasy heavily influenced by Fellini's , which makes it unclear as to whether Darin is actually dead - will prove too odd for some viewers.


Musical biopic of singer Bobby Darin, exploring his formative years, during which he develops his love of music, his subsequent success as a rock 'n' roller and a lounge singer, and his struggle to maintain popularity during the 1960s. Kevin Spacey directs and stars, alongside Bob Hoskins, John Goodman and Kate Bosworth.

Cast & Crew

Bobby Darin Kevin Spacey
Sandra Dee Kate Bosworth
Steve Blauner John Goodman
Charlie Cassotto Maffia Bob Hoskins
Polly Cassotto Brenda Blethyn
Mary Duvan Greta Scacchi
Nina Cassotto Maffia Caroline Aaron
Dick Behrke Peter Cincotti
Little Bobby William Ullrich
Dr Andretti Michael Byrne
Director Kevin Spacey
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: EntertainmentGuidance: Contains swearing. Available on: video and DVDReleased on: 26 Nov 2004