Reverse Angle

Reverse Angle

Philippe Gagnon (2008)

12 Certificate
Thu 26 Jul 11:05am - 1pm Sony Movie Channel


Our Score
Poor scripting and structuring render an unrealistic tale of corporate conspiracy and murder both boring and silly, as success-hungry TV journalist Emmanuelle Vaugier finds herself on the run from hitmen after losing her memory in a car accident. Unaware of who she is and why she's being (ineptly) pursued, the baffled beauty races to piece together past events via bland flashbacks that make the cliché-packed film feel badly paced and bitty. Along the way, life lessons are learnt and there's laughably even time for romance, courtesy of a shady self-help guru (Anthony Lemke) that Vaugier's unconvincing character had previously intended to expose. With so much focus on her as a person, the thriller aspects are underdeveloped and atmospherically flat, leading to a contrived climax and unsatisfying resolution.


An investigative reporter accidentally stumbles on some dangerous information, and soon has two hitmen pursuing her. While fleeing for her life, she has a car accident that leaves her with amnesia, and must rediscover what she found out to protect herself. Mystery, starring Emmanuelle Vaugier and Anthony Lemke.

Cast & Crew

Eve Pretson Emmanuelle Vaugier
Harry Griggs Anthony Lemke
Black Alain Goulem
Murray David Patrick Green
Ned Larfield Michel Perron
Al Petrenko Marc Marans
Percy Williams Carlo Mestroni
Barrett Matt Silver
Director Philippe Gagnon
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for a sex scene.