Dead Lines

Dead Lines

Louis Bélanger (2010)

PG Certificate


Our Score
There's too much talk and not enough action in this underdeveloped TV movie set in the New York fashion world. It starts out as an apparently simple sabotage thriller, in which the opening of eco-designer Jeri Ryan's inaugural store is the catalyst for a string of disturbing events, including murder. But the expected culprit - clichéd yet enjoyably catty gay rival Richard Jutras - is quickly discounted, as Ryan begins to solve the mystery with unconvincing ease and speed. With most of the juicier plot points discussed rather than depicted, the film lacks excitement and atmosphere, leaving the sinister soundtrack to create all the tension. So a burst of peril in the final scenes is particularly welcome, though even that's diluted by poor performances and clumsy direction.


A fashion designer and political activist prepares to open her first flagship store, when she discovers one of her employees has been murdered. She sets out to uncover the culprits, who plan to destroy everything she has created - and also intend to kill her teenage daughter. Thriller, starring Jeri Ryan and Anthony Lemke.

Cast & Crew

Sophie Fyne Jeri Ryan
Adam Fyne Anthony Lemke
Agent Fincher Bruno Verdoni
Claudio Venisse Richard Jutras
Director Louis Bélanger

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for language.