Sidney Lumet (1973)

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In this fascinating police thriller, Al Pacino gives an outstanding, Oscar-nominated performance as real-life cop Frank Serpico, who helped expose corruption in the New York Police Department in the early 1970s. Director Sidney Lumet shows in absorbing detail how hush-money and bribes were a way of life for Serpico's colleagues and how the idealistic and increasingly frustrated young officer refused to toe the line. After years of watching partners take backhanders from criminals, Serpico eventually agreed to testify against a fellow officer and became a marked man. Even though Lumet revisited similar territory - memorably in the fine drama Prince of the City - he never found a better purveyor of idealism than Pacino.


An idealistic undercover cop in 1960s New York is ostracised by his fellow officers for his refusal to take bribes. Sickened by the widespread corruption in the force and the refusal of his superiors to do anything, he sets out to publicly expose the guilty parties, putting his own life on the line in the process. Fact-based drama directed by Sidney Lumet, starring Al Pacino and John Randolph.

Cast & Crew

Frank Serpico Al Pacino
Sidney Green John Randolph
Tom Keough Jack Kehoe
McClain Biff McGuire
Laurie Barbara Eda-Young
Leslie Cornelia Sharpe
Bob Blair Tony Roberts
Pasquale John Medici
DA Tauber Allan Rich
Rubello Norman Ornellas
Lombardo Edward Grover
Peluce Al Henderson
Malone Hank Garrett
Joey Damien Leake
Potts Joe Bova
Captain Tolkin Gene Gross
Gallagher M Emmet Walsh
Detective partner F Murray Abraham
Cop Judd Hirsch
Cop Tony LoBianco
Charlie Kenneth McMillan
Street urchin Tracey Walter
Director Sidney Lumet
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Language: English / ItalianColourTheatrical distributor: Cinema International Corp. UKGuidance: Violence, swearing, nudity and drug abuse. Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray