Duncan Jones (2008)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Duncan Jones (who, as David Bowie's son, was once known as Zowie Bowie) made his directorial debut with this intelligent, poignant science-fiction tale, which calls to mind the very best the genre had to offer in its 1970s heyday. Sam Rockwell gives an excellent performance as Sam Bell, a lone mining engineer stuck incommunicado on the far side of the Moon and about to complete his three-year contract. His only company is Gerty, a somewhat anodyne robot (voiced by Kevin Spacey), but as time goes on Sam begins to suspect that things, and even he, are not what they seem. The screenplay by Jones and Nathan Parker delicately and intriguingly investigates the themes of loneliness and humanity, and together with Jones's assured direction, makes for a hugely impressive first feature.


Astronaut Sam Bell has been working alone at an energy-generating base on the moon for three years and desperately longs to return home. After he is injured in an accident, he begins to discover the disturbing truth about the operation he is running, and is forced to question his own identity. Sci-fi drama, starring Sam Rockwell, with the voice of Kevin Spacey.

Cast & Crew

Sam Bell Sam Rockwell
Gerty Kevin Spacey
Tess Bell Dominique McElligott
Eve Bell Kaya Scodelario
Thompson Benedict Wong
Overmeyers Matt Berry
Technician Malcolm Stewart
Director Duncan Jones
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: SonyGuidance: Swearing.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 17 Jul 2009