One Small Hitch

One Small Hitch

John Burgess (3) (2012)

12 Certificate


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By-the-numbers romantic comedy in which two childhood friends fake their marriage plans for the benefit of the groom's dying father, only to get caught up in the excitement.


A man arranges with a childhood friend that they will pretend to be engaged, purely to make his dying father happy. However, the deception soon gets out of control when both their families hear they are getting married, and they soon have to start planning an elaborate fake wedding. Romantic comedy, starring Shane McRae and Aubrey Dollar.

Cast & Crew

Josh Shiffman Shane McRae
Molly Mahoney Aubrey Dollar
Max Shiffman Daniel J Travanti
Frieda Shiffman Janet Ulrich Brooks
Doreen Mahoney Mary Jo Faraci
Director John Burgess (3)
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour
Comedy Drama