Mat Whitecross (2012)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Director Mat Whitecross's contemporary film noir is not what you expect. The unsettling story centres on Frank (Ray Winstone), a man gripped by Alzheimer's disease, but the plot quickly develops into a tense thriller that keeps its secrets closely guarded right till the end. After months of searching for him, Frank's estranged son, James (Jim Sturgess), breaks him out of a nursing home and the pair go on the run - their journey driven by James's covert agenda and punctuated by painful moments of recall for Frank. A two-hander set largely on the road, the film lacks the pace and glamour of a Hollywood blockbuster. But it has an intelligent screenplay and fans of Winstone will be interested to see the unexpected delicacy he brings to the role. Although it wasn't afforded a theatrical release, this intriguing drama deserves to find a more receptive audience on the small screen.


A man suffering from Alzheimer's receives a visit from his estranged son, who wants to rebuild their relationship, only to find his father can barely recognise him. Nevertheless, he decides to break the old man out of his nursing home and go on a journey, bringing up uncertain memories of the past. Drama, starring Jim Sturgess and Ray Winstone.

Cast & Crew

James Jim Sturgess
Frank Ray Winstone
Crewcut Luke Evans
Ruth Jodie Whittaker
Cath Lesley Manville
Sophie Zoe Telford
Nurse Rita Yap Daphne Cheung
Young Frank Louis Fox
Director Mat Whitecross
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour