Mayflower: the Pilgrims' Adventure

Mayflower: the Pilgrims' Adventure

George Schaefer (1979)

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Our Score
There's a distinct made-for-schools feel to this simple and extremely dated historical drama about the English Pilgrims escape to America in 1620. A slow-moving TV movie that's neither convincing nor meaty, it takes almost a third of the running time for the persecuted Puritans to set sail, and then stays onboard the problem-plagued Mayflower for the remainder. For contemporary UK audiences, a youthful Anthony Hopkins will be the only draw, playing the ship's terse captain and delivering some inadvertently amusing dialogue. The rest of the cast, including dodgily accented love interests Jenny Agutter and Michael Beck, and Richard Crenna as Reverend William Brewster, are as bland as the events, which fail to convey the real hell of the 66-day voyage.


A party of 17th-century religious separatists face persecution in England, so board a ship to start a new life in America. As the perilous journey gets under way, conflict erupts between the mercenary captain of the vessel and the expedition's idealistic leader. Historical adventure, starring Anthony Hopkins, Richard Crenna and Jenny Agutter.

Cast & Crew

Capt Jones Anthony Hopkins
Rev William Brewster Richard Crenna
Priscilla Mullins Jenny Agutter
John Alden Michael Beck
Stephen Hopkins William Converse-Roberts
William Mullins Frank Hamilton
Christopher Martin John Heffernan
Miles Standish David Dukes
Director George Schaefer
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour