The Devil's Own

The Devil's Own

Alan J Pakula (1997)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Bedevilled by production problems (constant script changes, disenchanted Brad Pitt wanting to quit, changes in the political situation while shooting), it's hardly surprising that this IRA thriller is a fudged disappointment. Harrison Ford plays the New York cop who takes Irish émigré Pitt into his home without realising he's a wanted terrorist on a missile-buying mission for the Republican cause. The tension in director Alan J Pakula's film is supposed to emerge from Pitt taking to Ford's family and establishing an emotional bond with the father figure he never had, but this relationship is not enough to deflect him from his single-minded purpose. In the end, this is both dramatically and politically incorrect.


A New York cop discovers his Irish lodger is an IRA gunman on a mission to obtain missiles for shipment back to Ireland, and agonises over whether to turn him in or respect the ties of loyalty in their new-found friendship. Thriller, starring Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Margaret Colin, Ruben Blades and Treat Williams.

Cast & Crew

Tom O'Meara Harrison Ford
Frankie McGuire, "Rory Devaney" Brad Pitt
Sheila O'Meara Margaret Colin
Edwin "Eddie" Diaz Rubén Blades
Billy Burke Treat Williams
Peter Fitzsimmons George Hearn
Chief Jim Kelly Mitchell Ryan
Megan Doherty Natascha McElhone
Bridget O'Meara Julia Stiles
Martin MacDuff David O'Hara
Director Alan J Pakula
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia Tri-Star Films (UK)Guidance: Edited for language and violence.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray