Masters of the Universe

Masters of the Universe

Gary Goddard (1987)

PG Certificate


Our Score
It is exceedingly difficult to make convincing live-action versions of cult cartoon strips, and this big-screen version of the momentarily popular TV series is one of the least successful attempts. Dolph Lundgren has the necessary physique for He-Man and Frank Langella has been splendidly made-up for the role of Skeletor. But the story - about a cosmic key that will enable its holder to become master of the universe - is uninspired, while the special effects look painfully cheap.


The heroic warrior He-Man sets out to bring an end to the evil Skeletor's reign of terror, but is transported to Earth by a cosmic key, with his arch enemy's henchman in hot pursuit. Fantasy adventure, starring Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, Meg Foster and Billy Barty.

Cast & Crew

He-Man Dolph Lundgren
Skeletor Frank Langella
Evil-Lyn Meg Foster
Gwildor Billy Barty
Julie Winston Courteney Cox
Kevin Robert Duncan McNeill
Man-at-Arms Jon Cypher
Teela Chelsea Field
Detective Lubic James Tolkan
Sorceress Christina Pickles
Beastman Tony Carroll
Saurod Pons Maar
Blade Anthony De Longis
Karg Robert Towers
Director Gary Goddard
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Cannon Releasing UKAvailable on: video