Henry Joost (2010)

12A Certificate


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Billed as a "reality thriller", this documentary follows the misadventures of New York photographer Nev Schulman. He begins an online correspondence with a Michigan family, whose eight-year-old daughter has been sending him her paintings based on his pictures of dancers. After a flurry of parcels, texts, emails and Facebook contacts, Nev finds himself very much involved with this household halfway across America, even becoming romantically involved with the junior artist's 19-year-old sister. Surprises are in store however, when Nev and the film-makers (his brother Ariel, plus co-director Henry Joost) decide to drop by for a visit. The unfolding events prove unsettling, creepy and, ultimately, quite poignant, as all concerned discover that real-world human interaction and Facebook friendship are rather different things. The film's freewheeling strangeness leaves the viewer unable to decide if it is truthful or exploitative, genuine or faked. Tantalising indeed, and it shows that communications technology designed to bring people together may be doing so in ways none of us expect.


Documentary following a man whose online correspondence with a child artist leads him to become completely infatuated with her elder sister. The film-makers accompany him on a journey to meet her face to face, but in the process, they discover she is not what she appears to be.

Cast & Crew

Nev Schulman Nev Schulman
Ariel Schulman Ariel Schulman
Director Henry Joost
Director Ariel Schulman

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: MomentumAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 17 Dec 2010