Battle of the Bulbs

Battle of the Bulbs

Harvey Frost (2010)

PG Certificate


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A Christmas decoration contest renews a 25-year feud between neighbours Daniel Stern and Matt Frewer in this knockabout, Deck the Halls-style TV movie. Slapstick and diverting goofiness follow, as the ultra-competitive ex-friends - and eventually their wives, too - go to increasing extremes to outdo and humiliate each other. Though both leads lift the flimsy film, Frewer is particularly entertaining: suffering the most for his character's pig-headedness but providing the biggest laughs thanks to his dry delivery and droll facial expressions. Of course, moral messages soon start creeping in, ultimately leading everyone to repent with unconvincing haste. The resulting burst of festive goodwill is contrived yet suitably touching - shame they had to over-egg it with a naff, sing-along finale.


Bob Wallace prides himself on always having the most spectacular Christmas lights in his town, but this year, he discovers his new neighbour has an equally festive display. This leads to a bitter rivalry as they go to ridiculous lengths to outshine each other. Comedy, with Daniel Stern and Matt Frewer.

Cast & Crew

Bob Wallace Daniel Stern
Stu Jones Matt Frewer
Mindy Wallace Allison Hossack
Susie Wallace Emily Tennant
Chip Jones William Hutchinson
Mr Sutton Tim Henry
Tim Wallace Ryan Grantham
Lesley McKane Maxine Miller
Director Harvey Frost
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Language: EnglishColour