Mad Money

Mad Money

Callie Khouri (2008)

12 Certificate


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Girl power gets greedy in this fast-paced crime caper about a trio of women who rob the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City by stuffing their underwear with cash. Diane Keaton stars as a desperate housewife saddled with $200,000 in debt after businessman husband (Ted Danson) gets downsized onto the dole queue. Taking a job as a cleaner in the high-tech, high-security bank, Bridget recruits co-workers Queen Latifah (sassy) and Katie Holmes (dippy) for a cunning plan: the women will steal used notes scheduled for shredding and sneak them out in their knickers, effectively recycling the cash. Zipping along with plenty of panache, this chick flick gets by on the novelty pairing of its three unlikely leads and the incongruous sight of Keaton in a jumpsuit, scrubbing toilets. If it all sounds a little familiar, that's because it's a remake of the 2001 BBC drama Hot Money starring Caroline Quentin.


When her husband loses his job, wealthy Bridget is forced to get a job as a cleaner at a federal reserve bank. She learns that damaged dollar bills are shredded on the premises and recruits two of her co-workers to steal the money everyone thinks will be destroyed. However, after paying her debts, she cannot resist taking some more, drawing the attention of the law. Crime comedy, starring Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes.

Cast & Crew

Bridget Cardigan Diane Keaton
Nina Brewster Queen Latifah
Jackie Truman Katie Holmes
Don Cardigan Ted Danson
Glover Stephen Root
Bryce Arbogast Chris McDonald
Bob Truman Adam Rothenberg
Barry Roger R Cross
Shaun Finesse Mitchell
Mindy Arbogast Meagen Fay
Director Callie Khouri
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: DVD
Comedy Drama