Small Soldiers

Small Soldiers

Joe Dante (1998)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Action Man-type figures fitted with deadly microprocessors go on menacing manoeuvres in this Gremlins-meets-Toy Story war fantasy from director Joe Dante, which takes a long time setting up its simple premise but is worth the wait. The movie's slick professionalism and technical brilliance keep the awkward mixture of mirth and mayhem from becoming too uncomfortable an experience. Crafty nods to classic war films such as Patton, the creepy Gwendy doll sequence and the GI Joes being voiced by the likes of Tommy Lee Jones, Ernest Borgnine and Bruce Dern also help maintain the interest for adults as well as youngsters. Yet this mix of technology-run-amok and children's nightmare sometimes takes belief a bridge too far.


A hi-tech computer chip has a bizarre effect on a squad of toy soldiers, causing mayhem for their owner as the miniature marauders engage in a series of scaled-down skirmishes. Children's adventure mixing live action and computer animation, starring Kirsten Dunst, Denis Leary and Gregory Smith, with the voices of Tommy Lee Jones, Frank Langella, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Christina Ricci.

Cast & Crew

Christy Fimple Kirsten Dunst
Alan Abernathy Gregory Smith
Gil Mars Denis Leary
Maj Chip Hazard Tommy Lee Jones
Archer Frank Langella
Kip Killagin Ernest Borgnine
Gwendy doll Sarah Michelle Gellar
Gwendy doll Christina Ricci
Director Joe Dante
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence and swearing. Available on: video, DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 23 Oct 1998
Drama Children's