The Hot Potato

The Hot Potato

Tim Lewiston (2011)

PG Certificate
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Apparently based on a true story, Tim Lewiston's film is set in 1969 and harks back to the kind of wisecracking crime caper that was then in vogue. The gleefully convoluted plot centres on a lump of uranium that lands in the lap of East London scrap merchant Ray Winstone after being "found" in a burnt-out Ministry of Defence facility by secretary Lois Winstone's dopily dodgy boyfriend (Jack Huston). But flogging the "hot potato" proves easier said than done, as the hapless trio encounters psychotic Irish twins, duplicitous Germans, a sinister G-Man, a ruthless Mossad agent and a glamorous Vatican envoy during an eventful excursion to the continent. Slickly staged and knowingly played by a fine ensemble, this is always highly enjoyable. However, it never quite gathers the momentum that would make its madcap twists and turns seem frantically hilarious rather than just fitfully amusing.


An explosion in a Ministry of Defence facility results in a sample of weapons-grade uranium falling into the hands of two Londoners. The duo decide to try to sell the deadly material to the highest bidder, a mission that leads them on a dangerous adventure into the underworld, with shady characters on their trail. Drama set in the 1960s, starring Ray Winstone and Colm Meaney.

Cast & Crew

Kenny Ray Winstone
Harry Colm Meaney
Danny Jack Huston
Carole Lois Winstone
Harrison David Harewood
Bill John Lynch
Sgt Ryan Philip Davis
Fritz Meyer Derren Nesbitt
Director Tim Lewiston
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence and some swearing.Available on: DVD