El Dorado

El Dorado

Howard Hawks (1967)

PG Certificate


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"Ride, boldly ride..." sings George Alexander over the Remington-styled western paintings that accompany the titles to this elegiac masterwork. It's a fabulously entertaining, immensely skilful and warm-hearted tale from ace director Howard Hawks. John Wayne plays gunfighter Cole Thornton, a flawed hero whose actions lead to the suicide of a boy (Johnny Crawford) in a superbly staged preface to the plot, and whose resulting wounds dictate the pace and outcome of the movie. More than a match for the Duke is the great Robert Mitchum, in one of his best screen roles as alcoholic sheriff JP Harrah, destroyed for the love of a woman. This film suffered on its release by comparison to Hawks's earlier western masterpiece Rio Bravo, but with the passing of time this screen meditation on ageing proves to be one of the most pleasurable of all Hollywood movies.


An ageing gunfighter is drawn into the conflict between a land-grabbing cattle baron and a ranching family, but gets wounded in the process. A year later, he returns to town to find the situation has not improved - so along with his sidekick and the drunken town sheriff, he fights to defend the family from its enemies. Western, starring John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, James Caan and Ed Asner.

Cast & Crew

Cole Thornton John Wayne
JP Harrah Robert Mitchum
Mississippi James Caan
Maudie Charlene Holt
Joey MacDonald Michele Carey
Bull Harris Arthur Hunnicutt
Kevin MacDonald R G Armstrong
Bart Jason Edward Asner
Doc Miller Paul Fix
Nelse McLeod Christopher George
Milt Robert Donner
Pedro John Gabriel
Jason's foreman Jim Davis (1)
Maria Mariana Ghane
Luke MacDonald Johnny Crawford
Saul MacDonald Robert Rothwell
Matt MacDonald Adam Roarke
Jared MacDonald Chuck Courtney
Saul MacDonald's wife Anne Newman
Matt MacDonald's wife Diane Strom
Jared MacDonald's wife Victoria George
Dr Donovan Anthony Rogers
Swedish gunsmith Olaf Wieghorst
Director Howard Hawks
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD