A Christmas Song

A Christmas Song

Timothy Bond (2012)

PG Certificate


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Chalk-and-cheese music teachers Natasha Henstridge and Gabriel Hogan vie for a single post after their two schools merge in this predictable and sugary seasonal drama. Pushed by their jarringly cartoonish headmistress into using a televised Christmas song competition to prove their worth, the tutors playfully bicker through their preparation period, naturally growing closer as the climactic contest approaches. Soon their blossoming romance is dominating the contrived TV movie, while clichéd problems involving the four student archetypes that make up their singing teams provide flimsy padding. Last-act sabotage and Henstridge's ridiculous reaction add an obligatory splash of crisis, before the finale draws events together in far-fetched but feel-good fashion.


Two schools are merged, and rivalries develop between students and staff. The music teachers from the two schools realise that only one of them will be kept on as they coach their choirs for a televised singing contest - but their professional and artistic conflicts are complicated by their growing feelings for each other. Romantic drama, with Natasha Henstridge and Gabe Hogan.

Cast & Crew

Liz Strade Amanda Thomson
Amy Brittany Adams
Billy Jack Ettlinger
Carlo Kent Nolan
Jill Ramona Milano
Director Timothy Bond
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Language: EnglishColour