Up There

Up There

Zam Salim (2011)

15 Certificate


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Zam Salim invokes the spirits of Kafka and Beckett in expanding his award-winning short Laid Off into a droll feature that equates death with unemployment and re-imagines purgatory as a restart centre staffed by jobsworthy bureaucrats. Burn Gorman (Pacific Rim) plays Martin, a 30-something traffic-accident victim who works as a carer welcoming arrivals to the afterlife. He's desperate to ascend to the upper echelons, but his chances are jeopardised when his garrulous new partner Rash (Aymen Hamdouchi) scares away newcomer Tommy (Iain De Caestecker), prompting the pair to trek to the sleepy Scottish community of Newport to retrieve him. A pseudo-romance with Liz (Kate O'Flynn) makes Martin's task more bearable, but being deceased has many drawbacks, and Salim explores them in a deadpan style that is reinforced by Ole Birkeland's blueish-muted photography. Smartly scripted and deftly played, this is engaging and intriguing, despite losing its edge and momentum in the final third.


A spirit is given the job of escorting the recently deceased to the afterlife, when all he wants to do is cross over himself. He is partnered with an annoyingly cheerful sidekick for his latest assignment, but they manage to lose the soul in question and face a frantic search through a British seaside town. Comic fantasy, starring Burn Gorman, Kate O'Flynn and Aymen Hamdouchi.

Cast & Crew

Martin Burn Gorman
Liz Kate O'Flynn
Rash Aymen Hamdouchi
Ali Kulvinder Ghir
Margaret Jo Hartley
Slab Boy Joey Warren Brown
Tommy Iain De Caestecker
Director Zam Salim
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Wilder FilmsGuidance: Swearing, sexual references. Released on: 16 Nov 2012
Comedy Drama