Next Stop Murder

Next Stop Murder

John Murlowski (2010)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train is the apparent basis for this watchable TV movie, in which law student Brigid Brannagh faces an escalating nightmare when a disgruntled rich girl (Allison Lange) she meets on a bus suggests they both solve their personal problems by killing someone for each other. Ignoring Brannagh's horrified refusal, the increasingly psychotic Lange tries to force her hand, resulting in a contrived but intriguing mix of murder, blackmail, suspicion and deceit. Despite predominantly unconvincing performances, events remain reasonably atmospheric, with a couple of decent twists filling in the plot holes to set up a tense and dramatic finale. The over-the-top catfight climax is particularly entertaining; it's just a shame its impact is marred by a predictably schmaltzy conclusion.


A woman vents her frustration about her husband's ex-wife to a stranger she meets on a bus. She is horrified when her confidante offers to commit murder on her behalf, but expects the favour to be repaid with the killing of her own father. However, the deadly plot is more complex than it appears. Thriller, starring Brigid Brannagh and Allison Lange.

Cast & Crew

Molly Brigid Brannagh
Sophie Allison Lange
Heather Rosa Blasi
Jeff Brian Krause
Judge James Jordan Baker
Nicky Ian Duncan
Sims Kevin Kilner
Det Reeson Lin Shaye
Director John Murlowski
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence and language.