Angel Face

Angel Face

Otto Preminger (1953)

PG Certificate


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Jean Simmons was never happy under contract to Howard Hughes, who made her chop her hair off and obliged her to wear a wig. She also felt Otto Preminger brutalised her during the making of Angel Face, taking rather too much enjoyment in showing Robert Mitchum how to slap her around. The film, however, is a near classic, a Freudian melodrama in which Simmons's beauty is a mask for psychopathy. Mitchum plays the easygoing ambulance driver who becomes ensnared in Simmons's devious plans after he revives her stepmother. Passion has rarely been depicted so chillingly.


A former racing driver with dreams of opening his own garage gets a job as a chauffeur to a wealthy family, and is seduced by his employers' scheming daughter. He is lured into becoming an accomplice in her murderous plots - and when he attempts to escape her clutches, she begins planning his downfall. Crime drama, starring Jean Simmons and Robert Mitchum.

Cast & Crew

Frank Jessup Robert Mitchum
Diane Tremayne Jean Simmons
Mary Mona Freeman
Mr Tremayne Herbert Marshall
Fred Barrett Leon Ames
Mrs Tremayne Barbara O'Neil
Bill Kenneth Tobey
Arthur Vance Raymond Greenleaf
Judson Jim Backus
Director Otto Preminger
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: R.K.O. Radio Pictures LtdAvailable on: DVD