The Quick Gun

The Quick Gun

Sidney Salkow (1964)

PG Certificate


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The clichés are piled on in this routine and minimally plotted 1960s western that stars Audie Murphy as a renowned gunslinger trying to make amends for past misdeeds. While returning to his artificial-looking Montana birthplace two years after being forced to leave, he discovers former associates are planning to hit the town bank and so he offers to help the locals defend themselves. But their continued hostility threatens to undermine his well-meaning actions, producing pithy yet unnatural verbal exchanges and a couple of ultra-theatrical brawls as everybody awaits another robber attack. From costumes to performances, the film seems fake and thrown together, with Steve Fisher's formulaic storyline rehashed from B-westerns Top Gun (1955) and Noose for a Gunman (1960). Ultimately, it's like watching a series of Wild West theme-park re-enactments; a feeling that the dull and abrupt final shoot-out does nothing to abate.


A reformed outlaw who left his hometown in disgrace returns to claim his late father's ranch. On the way, he runs into his former cronies, who are planning to raid the settlement while most of the men are away on a cattle drive. The prodigal son decides to make amends for his past crimes by defending the settlement. Western, starring Audie Murphy and Merry Anders.

Cast & Crew

Clint Cooper Audie Murphy
Helen Reed Merry Anders
Sheriff Scotty Wade James Best
Jud Spangler Ted de Corsia
Tom Morrison Walter Sande
Rick Morrison Rex Holman
Rev Staley Charles Meredith
Dan Evans Frank Ferguson
Cagle Mort Mills
Donovan Gregg Palmer
George Keely Frank Gerstle
Director Sidney Salkow
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour