Hit So Hard

Hit So Hard

P David Ebersole (2011)



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This eye-opening but disjointed documentary charts the life and hard times of Patty Schemel, once the drummer in Courtney Love's multi-platinum-selling band Hole, whose fall from grace and spiralling drug addictions led to homelessness and prostitution. Schemel guides us through her troubles in a series of contemporary interviews, interspersed with reams of home-movie footage she shot during her rock star heyday of the mid-1990s. Although he's been gifted an engaging and frequently hilarious subject, director P David Ebersole arguably spends too much screen time recapping the previously well-chronicled story of Love and her husband, the late Kurt Cobain, with Patty often reduced to a bystander. When the film does (eventually) focus of Schemel herself, it provides a fascinating insight into the pressures of the music business and a cautionary tale of life in the fast lane.

Cast & Crew

Patty Schemel Patty Schemel
Courtney Love Courtney Love
Eric Erlandson Eric Erlandson
Melissa Auf der Maur Melissa Auf der Maur
Kurt Cobain Kurt Cobain
Director P David Ebersole
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Peccadillo PicturesReleased on: 16 Nov 2012