Bruce Malmuth (1981)

X Certificate


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At this stage in his career, Sylvester Stallone was not known as an action star, and in some ways this was his first real stab at the genre with which he is now most closely associated. And it certainly is a belter. Stallone and Billy Dee Williams play two New York cops who are sent scampering all over the Big Apple on the trail of a vicious international terrorist (Rutger Hauer, making an electrifying Hollywood debut). The able supporting cast includes Lindsay Wagner and British actor Nigel Davenport, and director Bruce Malmuth keeps the action zipping along at a pleasing pace.



Cast & Crew

Deke DaSilva Sylvester Stallone
Matthew Fox Billy Dee Williams
Irene Lindsay Wagner
Shakka Persis Khambatta
Peter Hartman Nigel Davenport
Wulfgar Rutger Hauer
Pam Hilarie Thompson
Lieutenant Munafo Joe Spinell
Commissioner Walter Mathews
Sergeant E Brian Dean
Puerto Rican proprietor Caesar Cordova
Dr Ghiselin Charles Duval
Mrs Ntembwe Yvette Hawkins
Sostrom Einar Perry Scott
Mrs Sostrom Erle Bjornstad
French Ambassador Jacques Roux
Nigerian Ambassador Clebert Ford
Swedish Ambassador Eivind Harum
Mr Ntembwe Obaka Adedunyo
Suzanne Marigny Corine Lorain
Rene Marigny Jean-Pierre Stewart
Ripper Thomas Rosales
Ripper John Shamsul Alam
Ripper Jose Santana
Reporter Patrick Fox
Mugger John Cianfrone
Mugger Tim Marquart
Mugger Tony Maffatone
Immigration officer Tom Degidon
Brunette Rita Tellone
Director Bruce Malmuth
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for content, contains violence and swearing. Available on: video and DVD