Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz

Edgar Wright (2007)

15 Certificate
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Following zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead, the second film in Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright's "Cornetto trilogy" offers a gleeful pastiche of American action movies. Pegg stars as an overachieving London policeman transferred to a crime-free village where all is not as it seems. What begins as a very funny, very British murder mystery eventually mutates into an ironic action spectacular that blows up half of Gloucestershire (or rather, Wells pretending to be Gloucestershire). Armed with a Who's Who of home-grown acting talent and a surfeit of gags, Hot Fuzz also showcases the continuing comic partnership of Pegg and co-star Nick Frost. Their mismatched cops play out every buddy movie convention imaginable while discussing subjects as diverse as ice-cream "brain freeze" and the homoeroticism of action thriller Point Break. More smart than silly, this is self-confident comedy that's proud to be British.


An overly zealous, by-the-book London policeman is reassigned to a sleepy country village where the crime rate is virtually zero, and teamed up with an eager but dimwitted partner. But just as the officer's uneventful new environment begins to chafe, a grisly series of so-called accidents gives him reason to suspect a strange conspiracy is afoot. Action comedy, with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jim Broadbent, Timothy Dalton and Paddy Considine.

Cast & Crew

Sergeant Nicholas Angel Simon Pegg
PC Danny Butterman Nick Frost
Inspector Frank Butterman Jim Broadbent
Sergeant Tony Fisher Kevin Eldon
DS Andy Wainwright Paddy Considine
DC Andy Cartwright Rafe Spall
PC Doris Thatcher Olivia Colman
PC Bob Walker Karl Johnson (2)
Simon Skinner Timothy Dalton
Tom Weaver Edward Woodward
Joyce Cooper Billie Whitelaw
Met Chief Inspector Bill Nighy
Janine, Angel's ex-girlfriend Cate Blanchett
Met police chief Steve Coogan
Man dressed as Santa Peter Jackson
Bob Joe Cornish
Roy Porter Peter Wight
Mary Porter Julia Deakin
Sergeant Turner Bill Bailey (2)
Reverend Philip Shooter Paul Freeman
Dr Robin Hatcher Stuart Wilson
Leslie Tiller Anne Reid
James Reaper Kenneth Cranham
Tim Messenger Adam Buxton
Peter Ian Staker Stephen Merchant
George Merchant Ron Cook
Martin Blower David Threlfall
Eve Draper Lucy Punch
Arthur Webley David Bradley (2)
Director Edgar Wright
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: UniversalGuidance: Violence, swearing.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 16 Feb 2007
Comedy Drama