Station West

Station West

Sidney Lanfield (1948)

PG Certificate


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Former crooner Dick Powell carved out a career for himself as a tough guy in taut thrillers like Farewell My Lovely and Johnny O'Clock. He brought his new, darker image to this cleverly scripted RKO western based on a Luke Short tale, about an army investigator trying to sort out a series of gold heists. Jane Greer makes a feisty sparring partner, and there's a terrific fight sequence between Powell and Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, but what really gives this movie some distinction is the use of clever one-liners, courtesy of screenwriters Frank Fenton and Winston Miller. This was director Sidney Lanfield's only western, and he brings to it much of the urbane sophistication that was to distinguish his later work on Bob Hope features such as The Lemon Drop Kid.


A government investigator is sent undercover to track down the murderers of two cavalry soldiers. The assignment leads him to a frontier outpost, where a casino owner and saloon singer controls all the criminal activity. He gets a job in her organisation and tries to find evidence linking her to the killings. Western, starring Dick Powell and Jane Greer.

Cast & Crew

Lt John Martin Haven Dick Powell
Charlie Jane Greer
Capt George Isles Tom Powers
Mary Caslon Agnes Moorehead
Prince Gordon Oliver
Mick Marion Guinn `Big Boy' Williams
Mark Bristow Raymond Burr
Lt Stellman Steve Brodie
Director Sidney Lanfield
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Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: DVD