A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words

Brian Robbins (2009)

12 Certificate


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A guru's curse leaves deceitful literary agent Eddie Murphy at risk of literally talking himself to death in this clunky and insubstantial morality tale, reuniting the star with his Norbit and Meet Dave director Brian Robbins. Suddenly connected to a magical tree that's mysteriously appeared in his garden, Murphy learns that every word he speaks or writes costs the tree a leaf, and that once it's bare, he will die. Wild eyes and manic gesticulations follow, wasting Murphy's significant vocal talents and reducing the forgettable events to laugh-light pantomime as he gets into frequently pointless scrapes trying to stay silent. The only beneficiary of his enforced muteness is supporting actor Clark Duke (Kick-Ass), whose nerdish and deliberately annoying assistant consequently dominates each scene he's in. Predictable Hollywood schmaltz starts replacing silliness around the hour mark, which only goes to emphasise the film's unevenness while failing to provide the emotional impact it so desperately wants - and needs.


A spiritual guru decides to teach his lying literary agent a lesson for his dishonesty, and places a curse on him. The spell means he can only speak another 1,000 words in his life - and when the words run out, he will die. The only way to break the enchantment is to put right all his past mistakes. Comedy, starring Eddie Murphy and Kerry Washington.

Cast & Crew

Jack McCall Eddie Murphy
Caroline McCall Kerry Washington
Dr Sinja Cliff Curtis
Samantha Davis Allison Janney
Aaron Wiseberger Clark Duke
Tyler McCall Emanuel Ragsdale
Annie McCall Ruby Dee
Emily Kayla Blake
Director Brian Robbins
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: ParamountAvailable on: DVD
Comedy Drama