You've Got Mail

You've Got Mail

Nora Ephron (1998)

PG Certificate


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This frail but winsome romantic comedy reunited Tom Hanks with both his Sleepless in Seattle co-star Meg Ryan and director Nora Ephron. Billed as the screen's first internet love story, it is a reworking of Ernst Lubitsch's classic The Shop around the Corner, in which the stars play rivals in the bookshop business who unknowingly fall for each other in an online chat-room. But it's rarely as amusing as it should be and, for the most part, is frustratingly unromantic, with the leads coming together more like merged files than infatuated lovers. What's more, Ephron's combination of battle-of-the-sexes comedy and the struggle between community and capitalism (that tries to echo the style of Frank Capra) lacks social resonance. However, the latter-day screwball tale is certainly slickly staged and played with consummate ease, and Ryan and her bookshop staff exude a pleasant feeling of cosiness.


Two rivals in the bookshop business fall in love over the internet, unaware they know and dislike each other in the real world. While things remain frosty in person, the pair's anonymous online relationship continues to blossom. Romantic comedy, starring Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Greg Kinnear, Parker Posey and Dabney Coleman.

Cast & Crew

Kathleen Kelly Meg Ryan
Joe Fox Tom Hanks
Frank Navasky Greg Kinnear
Patricia Eden Parker Posey
George Pappas Steve Zahn
Kevin Scanlon Dave Chappelle
Nelson Fox Dabney Coleman
Schuyler John Randolph
Birdie Conrad Jean Stapleton
Christina Plutzker Heather Burns
Gillian Quinn Cara Seymour
Charlie Michael Badalucco
Director Nora Ephron
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrothersGuidance: May be edited for language. Available on: video and DVD
Comedy Drama