Franklin J Schaffner (1970)

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Released while US forces were still deeply embroiled in Vietnam, this splendid biopic can be viewed as both a tribute to the indomitability of the fighting man (Patton was a much-decorated general in the US Army during the Second World War) and a satire on the myth of the American hero. The screenplay, by Francis Ford Coppola and Edmund H North, received one of the picture's seven Oscars, while director Franklin J Schaffner took another, thanks to the horrific majesty of his battle sequences. But the bedrock of this mammoth drama is the performance in the title role of George C Scott, who became the first actor in Oscar history to refuse his award. Combining blimpish bluster with moments of monstrous ego and unexpected humanity, Scott makes this magnificent film unforgettable.


Oscar-winning Second World War biopic of the American general admired for his brilliant tactical skills and ability to inspire his men to great things. But this complex man was equally noted for his abrasive temper, egotism and consuming sense of rivalry, which so antagonised his superiors he was eventually relieved of his command. Starring George C Scott, Karl Malden, Michael Bates and Stephen Young.

Cast & Crew

General Patton George C Scott
General Bradley Karl Malden
Field Marshal Montgomery Michael Bates
Major General Walter Bedell Smith Edward Binns
Sgt Meeks James Edwards
Colonel Bell Lawrence Dobkin
Lt Col Davenport Frank Latimore
Captain Jenson Morgan Paull
Brig Gen Carver Michael Strong
Field Marshal Rommel Karl Michael Vogler
Captain Hansen Stephen Young
Lt Gen Buford David Bauer
Colonel John Welkin Peter Barkworth
Air Vice-Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham John Barrie
Soldier who gets slapped Tim Considine
Moroccan minister Albert Dumortier
Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder Gerald Flood
General Sir Harold Alexander Jack Gwillim
General Bradley's driver Carey Loftin
General Patton's driver Bill Hickman
Major General Francis de Guingand Douglas Wilmer
First Lt Stiller Patrick J Zurica
Director Franklin J Schaffner
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