Innocent Moves

Innocent Moves

Steven Zaillian (1993)

PG Certificate


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Released in the US as Searching for Bobby Fischer, this chess drama marked the directorial debut of Steven Zaillian, who had just completed scriptwriting duties on Schindler's List. This true story was adapted from the autobiographical novel by Fred Waitzkin and not only reveals the unexpectedly ruthless side of competitive chess, but also explores the dangers of parents using children to fulfil their own ambitions. James Horner's score is way off-key, but Conrad Hall's Oscar-nominated photography is as impressive as the acting, with young Max Pomeranc, himself a top-ranking player, upstaging the likes of Joe Mantegna, Laurence Fishburne and Ben Kingsley.


A seven-year-old turns out to be a chess genius, prompting his parents to enlist the help of a master tutor to teach him the game's finer points. Fact-based drama, starring Ben Kingsley, Joe Mantegna, Laurence Fishburne, Max Pomeranc and Joan Allen.

Cast & Crew

Josh Waitzkin Max Pomeranc
Fred Waitzkin Joe Mantegna
Bonnie Waitzkin Joan Allen
Bruce Pandolfini Ben Kingsley
Vinnie Laurence Fishburne
Jonathan Poe Michael Nirenberg
Poe's teacher Robert Stephens
Kalev David Paymer
Director Steven Zaillian
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: U.I.P. (UK)Available on: video and DVD