A Sister's Secret

A Sister's Secret

Anthony Lefresne (2009)

12 Certificate


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Compassionate businesswoman Alexandra Paul falls foul of her ex-boyfriend's vengeful sister in this ham-fisted and melodramatic thriller. Blamed for the man's suicide, she finds her attempts to save her family's struggling paper mill continually undermined by the secret meddling of cartoonishly unhinged employee Cynthia Preston. Trouble is, Preston's absurd choice of industrial sabotage as her method of payback is dull to watch and totally unconvincing. First-time director Anthony Lefresne endeavours to spice up events with unsubtle visuals and an over-the-top soundtrack, and goes crazy with the zooms and slo-mo to try to give his laughable villainess a more sinister air. Poor editing and some dreadful dialogue add to the shoddiness, while ensuring the inevitable climactic confrontation has negligible impact.


A woman returns to her home town, hoping to save a paper mill owned by her father's company. However, she attracts the attention of her high-school boyfriend's sister, who blames her for his untimely death and seeks the opportunity to take revenge. Thriller, starring Alexandra Paul, Cynthia Preston and Paul Whitney.

Cast & Crew

Katherine Alexandra Paul
Jane Cynthia Preston
Jim Paul Whitney
Florence Deborah Grover
Uncle Tony Ron Gabriel
James Morrison Philip Craig
Claire Cinthia Burke
David Porter Richard Nash
Director Anthony Lefresne
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: DVD