Straight From The Heart

Straight from the Heart

David S Cass Sr (2003)

PG Certificate


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Teri Polo and Andrew McCarthy learn the well-worn lesson that opposites attract in this pleasant romantic drama. In an unlikely yet engaging scenario, Polo plays a budding New York photographer who visits Wyoming for a blind-date weekend with a widowed rancher (McCarthy). Predictably, their chalk-and-cheese personalities slowly find common ground - but not before a dose of mutual dislike and poignant soul-searching, brought about by McCarthy's preoccupation with his wife's death. Polo and McCarthy never really stretch themselves, but their performances are charming and there's excellent use of the region's handsome scenery.


A jilted New York woman despairs of ever finding the man of her dreams, until a personal ad leads to contact with a lonesome cowboy. Leaving the city behind her, she heads west to start a new life at his side - but their relationship struggles because of their differences. Romantic drama, starring Teri Polo, Andrew McCarthy, Greg Evigan and Christine Tucci.

Cast & Crew

Jordan Donavan Teri Polo
Tyler Ross Andrew McCarthy
Edward Morgan Greg Evigan
Laurie Woods Patricia Kalember
Carla DiMaggio Christine Tucci
Jesse Syms David Jean Thomas
Howard Jamison J Kenneth Campbell
Chuck Carter David Atkinson
Director David S Cass Sr
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Language: EnglishColour