Days of Glory

Days of Glory

Jacques Tourneur (1944)

PG Certificate


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After discovering his taste for the stage at Berkeley University, Gregory Peck headed for Broadway where he was spotted by David O Selznick, and eventually made his Hollywood debut in Days of Glory. Peck plays a Russian patriot fighting the Nazi invaders in this wartime flag-waver. Designed to show how friendly Uncle Sam was with Uncle Joe Stalin, it's never more than a B-picture, efficiently directed by Jacques Tourneur and co-starring Tamara Toumanova, a prima ballerina who grandly resisted Hollywood's efforts to turn her into a star.


The leader of a band of Russian freedom fighters rescues a dancer stranded behind Nazi lines during the German invasion. A deep affection grows between the girl and her saviour as she develops the skills necessary to fight alongside the men. Second World War adventure, starring Gregory Peck in his big-screen debut, with Tamara Toumanova, Alan Reed and Hugo Haas.

Cast & Crew

Vladimir Gregory Peck
Nina Tamara Toumanova
Sasha Alan Reed
Fedor Hugo Haas
Semyon Lowell Gilmore
Yelena Maria Palmer
Dimitri Igor Dolgoruki
Petrov Edward Durst
Director Jacques Tourneur
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: R.K.O. Radio Pictures Ltd