I Give It a Year

I Give It a Year

Dan Mazer (2013)

15 Certificate


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The directorial debut of comedy writer Dan Mazer (Borat, Brüno), this will-they-won't-they divorce romp has everything you want in a relationship comedy: sex appeal, warmth and genuine laughs. The only downside is the occasional lapse into lame sleaze, but happily that doesn't last long and does at least provide some edgy moments. Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall star as the freshly married but hopelessly mismatched couple, and the supporting cast couldn't be better, with Simon Baker as the dishy alternative mate for Byrne, and Anna Faris as Spall's ideal partner. Stephen Merchant is excruciatingly awkward as the couple's best man and who knew that Jason Flemyng and Minnie Driver had such great comic timing? Watch it, and laugh at the truth about love.


A couple marry after a whirlwind romance, but family and friends have doubts about the relationship. As their first anniversary approaches, they both begin to wonder if they are right for each other, especially when faced with more appealing alternative partners. Romantic comedy, with Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall, Anna Faris and Simon Baker.

Cast & Crew

Nat Rose Byrne
Josh Rafe Spall
Chloe Anna Faris
Guy Simon Baker (1)
Danny Stephen Merchant
Naomi Minnie Driver
Hugh Jason Flemyng
Diana Jane Asher
Alec Terence Harvey
Linda Olivia Colman
Clare Kerry Howard
Director Dan Mazer
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Studio CanalGuidance: Swearing, sex scenes, nudity.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 8 Feb 2013
Comedy Drama