Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel

Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel

Alex Stapleton (2011)

15 Certificate


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"Very polite, almost British." "Hip, cool." These are just a few of the observations uttered about producer/director Roger Corman, the doyen of low-budget independent cinema and the engaging subject of this terrific documentary. It charts his six decade-long career from creature feature Monster from the Ocean Floor (1954), via his opulent Edgar Allan Poe adaptations and controversial race-hate drama The Intruder (with William Shatner) through to biker movies like The Wild Angels and cult LSD drama The Trip in the 1960s. In the 70s the focus turns to violent exploitation flicks such as Death Race 2000 and Alex Stapleton's comprehensive chronicle then follows Corman's singular career all the way up to 2010 monster mash-up Dinoshark. The archive material and priceless anecdotes are a treat, but it's the quality of the interviewees (whose careers he often kick-started) that makes the film such a joy. Among them, Martin Scorsese, Peter Fonda, an unusually cheerful Robert De Niro, Ron Howard and Jack Nicholson at his most effusive (and emotional) are great value.


Documentary following the 60-year career of producer and director Roger Corman, whose empire of low-budget cult films pushed the boundaries of independent movies and launched the careers of some of Hollywood's most successful film-makers and actors. Featuring contributions from Martin Scorsese, Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, Peter Fonda and Ron Howard.

Cast & Crew

Roger Corman Roger Corman
Martin Scorsese Martin Scorsese
Quentin Tarantino Quentin Tarantino
Robert De Niro Robert De Niro
Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson
Peter Fonda Peter Fonda
Peter Bogdanovich Peter Bogdanovich
Polly Platt Polly Platt
Ron Howard Ron Howard
Joe Dante Joe Dante
Jonathan Demme Jonathan Demme
Bruce Dern Bruce Dern
Mary Woronov Mary Woronov
David Carradine David Carradine
William Shatner Wiliam Shatner
Eli Roth Eli Roth
Pam Grier Pam Grier
Paul WS Anderson Paul Anderson (1)
John Sayles John Sayles
Dick Miller Dick Miller
Jonathan Haze Jonathan Haze
Director Alex Stapleton
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Anchor bay FilmsGuidance: Swearing, violence, nudityAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 21 Feb 2012
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