Nirpal Bhogal (2011)

15 Certificate


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British boy gang films are two a penny. British girl gang films, like this, are much, much rarer. Made in collaboration with a South London charity that supports young women affected by gang culture, Sket tells a gritty tale of violence and vengeance among rival girl gangs and their criminal cohorts on a London housing estate. The plot doesn't amount to much, and a big finale is fluffed. But there's an authenticity about the dialogue that also extends to the acting. That's except for an underwhelming performance from, ironically, the film's only "name", Ashley Walters (Bullet Boy), as a viciously crooked and manipulative club owner. This film definitely belongs to the girls and, despite its faults, is a fairly involving drama.


A woman is attacked at random by a gang of thugs, sending her teenage sister into a furious rage. She plans to avenge the incident by joining a notorious all-female street gang and encouraging them to take on the culprits, but is unprepared for dealing with their volatile man-hating leader. Crime drama, starring Aimee Kelly, Ashley Walters and Emma Hartley-Miller.

Cast & Crew

Hannah Lily Loveless
Shaks Riann Steele
Kayla Aimee Kelly
Danielle Emma Hartley-Miller
Kerry Adelayo Adedayo
Kiran Varada Sethu
Ruds Richie Campbell
Tanya Kate Foster-Barnes
Trey Ashley Walters
Director Nirpal Bhogal
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: RevolverAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 28 Oct 2011