Hirokazu Koreeda (1995)

12A Certificate


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Made three years before his celestial masterpiece After Life, this first foray into fiction by one-time documentarist Hirokazu Koreeda also tackles the subject of death, but the focus here is on how it affects those left behind. Traumatised by childhood memories of her beloved grandmother's departure and then her husband's apparent suicide, Makiko Esumi becomes convinced she curses everyone she loves and resists the chance of a fresh start with her new husband in a sleepy fishing village. Based on a prize-winning Japanese short story and much influenced by the styles of Yasujiro Ozu and Hou Hsiao-Hsien, this is a deeply felt film that eschews cheap sentiment and leaves one genuinely moved and unexpectedly uplifted.

Cast & Crew

Yumiko Makiko Esumi
Tamio (Yumiko's husband) Takashi Naito
Ikuo (Yumiko's ex-husband) Tadanobu Asano
Yuichi (Yumiko's son) Gohki Kashiyama
Tomoko (Tamio's daughter) Naomi Watanabe
Michiko (Yumio's M Midori Kiuchi
Director Hirokazu Koreeda
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Other Information

Language: Japanese +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: BFI DistributionGuidance: Contains brief nudityAvailable on: video and DVDReleased on: 26 Apr 2019