Gunmen from Laredo

Gunmen from Laredo

Wallace MacDonald (1958)

U Certificate


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Corny B-movie western in which an innocent man avenge himself on the man who framed him for murder.


A rancher swears to avenge his wife's murder, but gets sent to prison after killing one of the culprit's henchman in self-defence. He breaks out and saves the life of a Mescalero woman, who agrees to help him find his way through the wilderness so he can return home and get his revenge. Western, starring Robert Knapp and Maureen Hingert.

Cast & Crew

Gil Reardon Robert Knapp
Rosita Jana Davi
Ben Keefer Walter Coy
Marshal Matt Crawford Paul Birch
Deputy Dave Don C Harvey
Deputy Frank Ross Clarence Straight
Jordan Keefer Jered Barclay
Walt Keefer Ron Hayes
Director Wallace MacDonald
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour