Robert Schwentke (2013)

12A Certificate


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This odd couple buddy movie stars Ryan Reynolds as a recently slain policeman sent back to the mortal world by the Rest in Peace Department of the title. He's partnered by Jeff Bridges as the grizzled ghost of a Wild West sheriff, and together they're assigned to round up "deados", deceased villains who, through a cosmic loophole, have also returned to Earth to continue their wrongdoings. Director Robert Schwentke attempts to concoct a hybrid of Men in Black and Ghost Busters, but the script can't match either of those films in terms of gag-count or snappy performances. Instead, the whole affair takes on the feel of a 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoon with lots of glossy visual effects. Reynolds sleepwalks through his role as the new spook on the block, but the saving grace is Bridges who raises a few chuckles as the over-the-top lawman of yore.


A cop is murdered in the line of duty by his crooked partner, and ends up recruited by a supernatural police force. Teaming up with a Wild West lawman, he is sent back to Earth to prevent ghosts from causing chaos and uncovers a plot to overrun the land of the living with evil spirits. Fantasy adventure, with Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges.

Cast & Crew

Roy Pulsipher Jeff Bridges
Nick Walker Ryan Reynolds
Bobby Hayes Kevin Bacon
Proctor Mary-Louise Parker
Julia Walker Stephanie Szostak
Elliot Mike O'Malley
Roy's avatar Marisa Miller
Nick's avatar James Hong
Nawicki Robert Knepper
Pulaski Devin Ratray
Director Robert Schwentke
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: UniversalGuidance: Violence. Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 20 Sep 2013