It's a Wonderful World

It's a Wonderful World

Val Guest (1956)

U Certificate


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Sadly not the 1939 James Stewart comedy/thriller, but an anxious-to-please British musical comedy from director Val Guest. Set in the era before the advent of rock 'n' roll, the film follows the fortunes of composers Terence Morgan and George Cole, who, tired of being rejected in favour of more trendy music, pin their hopes of success on re-jigging a popular song. The music is not to everyone's taste, with Mylene Nicole's performance with Ted Heath's band striking the lowest note of all.


Two struggling songwriters try to find a gimmick in the hope of breaking into the world of pop music. Musical comedy, starring George Cole and Terence Morgan.

Cast & Crew

Ken Miller George Cole
Ray Thompson Terence Morgan
Miss Gilly Kathleen Harrison
Harold Richard Wattis
Georgie Mylene Demongeot
Bert Fielding James Hayter
Mervyn Wade Harold Lang
Paul Taylor Maurice Kaufmann
Director Val Guest
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Renown Pictures Ltd
Comedy Music