Deadly Honeymoon

Deadly Honeymoon

Paul Shapiro (2009)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Appearances are deceptive in this otherwise routine mystery thriller in which a honeymooning male passenger goes missing during a Hawaiian cruise. Conveniently, a holidaying FBI agent (Zoe McLellan from TV's Dirty Sexy Money) is on board to investigate after a night of partying turns nasty for apparently madly-in-love newlyweds Summer Glau (Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Chris Carmack. What follows is a superficial and rather unexciting police procedural affair, jazzed up with wedding-video inserts and blurry, CSI-style witness flashbacks to form a speculative picture of the fatal events. Heavy-handed character stereotyping provides a few, obligatory red herrings, only for the film's supposed twists to become increasingly obvious thanks to Glau's unnaturally blank-faced performance.


A wealthy couple take a honeymoon cruise after their wedding in Hawaii, but the husband disappears without trace. The captain asks an FBI agent on holiday to investigate, believing the man might have been murdered. Suspicion falls on his wife, who may have objected to his infidelities, but also a trio of Hungarian gamblers harbouring deadly secrets. Mystery drama, with Zoe McLellan and Summer Glau.

Cast & Crew

Gwen Merced Zoe McLellan
Lindsey Ross Forrest Summer Glau
Trevor Forrest Chris Carmack
Sherrick Erik Palladino
Ship's captain Mark Harelik
Kim Emily Foxler
Ben Adam Tsekhman
Luka Peter Katona
Director Paul Shapiro
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for language and drug abuse.