Accused at 17

Accused at 17

Doug Campbell (2009)

PG Certificate


Our Score
High-schooler Nicole Gale Anderson learns big lessons about trust in this flimsy and cliché-packed crime tale that sees her framed for murdering a classmate by one of her best friends. Consequently, it's up to her tenacious mum (a robust Cynthia Gibb) to uncover the truth and reveal how a mean girl-style revenge plan turned deadly. Skeletal plotting ensures Gibb achieves her goals with unconvincing ease; outsmarting the two investigating cops, whose lame and incongruous banter proves the weakly written script's worst offence. A final-act shift into exaggerated, psycho-teen territory makes the narrative a tad meatier and allows Janet Montgomery to shine as Anderson's backstabbing - and increasingly unhinged - pal, but sadly poor direction robs even these more dramatic events of both suspense and emotional impact.


A teenage girl becomes prime suspect in the murder of a girl who had been secretly seeing her boyfriend. The accused's mother stands by her and launches an investigation to expose the true culprit, a schoolfriend who committed the crime as part of a twisted revenge plan. Drama, with Cynthia Gibb and Nicole Gale Anderson.

Cast & Crew

Jacqui Cynthia Gibb
Bianca Nicole Gale Anderson
Fallyn Janet Montgomery
Sarah Stella Maeve
Richard William R Moses
Dory Lindsay Taylor
Director Doug Campbell
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence and language.