For Valour

For Valour

Tom Walls (1937)

A Certificate


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Adapted for the screen from his own hit play, this Ben Travers comedy keeps promising to burst into life, but is eventually snuffed out by the endless round of deceptions and misunderstandings that were the trademark of his celebrated Aldwych productions. Expert farceurs Tom Walls and Ralph Lynn are as happy as sandboys in their dual roles but, while Walls plays father and son with the customary glint in his eye, Lynn fails to bring the same vim to the part of a Boer War veteran as he does to his shady, silly-ass grandson.

Cast & Crew

Doubleday/Charlie Chisholm Tom Walls
Major Pyke/Willie Pyke Ralph Lynn
Phyllis Chisholm Veronica Rose
Clare Chester Joan Marion
Mr Gallop Hubert Harben
Inspector Harding Henry Longhurst
Fowle Gordon James
Chester Reginald Tate
Prison Governor Evan Thomas
General Alan Napier
Barmaid Joyce Barbour
Director Tom Walls
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: General Film Dist Ltd