Kill Me Tomorrow

Kill Me Tomorrow

Terence Fisher (1957)

U Certificate


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Warner Bros rarely pushed lead roles Pat O'Brien's way. Even so, it's hard to fathom why he crossed the Atlantic for the starring role in this far-fetched B-movie. You might expect an impoverished father trying to fund his son's eye operation to resort to some pretty desperate tactics but confessing to a murder in order to raise the money? Hardly the behaviour of an ace reporter, although he does come to his senses in time to crack a diamond-smuggling racket. Terence Fisher directs with little enthusiasm, but it's worth hanging in there to catch the debut of Tommy Steele.


A poverty-stricken journalist hits on a unique method of raising the money to pay for his desperately ill son's operation - confessing to a murder he never committed. Melodrama, with Pat O'Brien, George Coulouris and Lois Maxwell, better known as Miss Moneypenny in the first 14 Bond movies.

Cast & Crew

Bart Crosbie Pat O'Brien
Jill Brook Lois Maxwell
Heinz Webber George Coulouris
Inspector Lane Wensley Pithey
Waxy Freddie Mills
Brook Ronald Adam
Steve Robert Brown
Bella Braganza April Olrich
Tommy Steele Tommy Steele
Director Terence Fisher
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Delta Films Ltd