Lorna Doone

Lorna Doone

Basil Dean (1934)

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RD Blackmore's novel is a full-blooded melodrama set in 17th century Exmoor where two feuding families - the Doones and the Ridds - are at each other's throats. As in Romeo and Juliet, there is a cross-feudal romance between strappingly handsome John Ridd and pretty Lorna who, it transpires, isn't a Doone at all but a kidnapped aristocrat. The story had been immensely popular - especially with young girls - ever since its publication in 1869 and there were silent film versions in 1912 and 1920. This version stars Victoria Hopper, the wife of the producer/director Basil Dean, as Lorna. John Loder, as the hero Ridd, was always a rather wooden actor, though Margaret Lockwood, in her screen debut, is a ravishing beauty. The story still holds water, even if the acting and the techniques of 1934 may leak a bit.

Cast & Crew

Lorna Doone Victoria Hopper
John Ridd John Loder
Annie Ridd Margaret Lockwood
Carver Doone Roy Emerton
Mistress Ridd Mary Clare
Reuben Huckaback Edward Rigby
Tom Faggus Roger Livesey
King James II George Curzon
Counsellor Doone D A Clarke-Smith
Parson Bowden Lawrence Hanray
Betty Muxworthy Amy Veness
Director Basil Dean
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