Mel Smith (1997)

PG Certificate


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This very enjoyable outing for Rowan Atkinson's celebrated character sees the bumbling Bean working as a National Gallery attendant and jetting off to the States to oversee the unveiling of the newly acquired Whistler's Mother. Those familiar with Bean's TV exploits will recognise some familiar sketches, but writers Richard Curtis and Robin Driscoll and director Mel Smith skilfully slot them into a cohesive, engaging and fast-moving story that's perfectly suited to Atkinson's singular style of physical comedy - his close encounter with "America's greatest painting" is an absolute riot. Peter MacNicol's anxiety-ridden American host is the perfect foil to Atkinson and Burt Reynolds is, well, Burt Reynolds in a general's uniform. The film was a massive international hit and deservedly so.


The hapless fool is employed as a security guard for a British art gallery and is sent to Los Angeles to bring back a famous painting. Unfortunately, he finds himself mistaken for a renowned art professor and invited to make an important presentation. Mel Smith's British comedy, starring Rowan Atkinson, Burt Reynolds, Peter MacNicol, John Mills, Peter Capaldi and June Brown.

Cast & Crew

Mr Bean Rowan Atkinson
David Langley Peter MacNicol
Alison Langley Pamela Reed
George Grierson Harris Yulin
General Newton Burt Reynolds
Elmer Larry Drake
Detective Butler Chris Ellis
Stingo Wheelie Johnny Galecki
Lieutenant Brutus Richard Gant
Security Buck Danny Goldring
Chairman John Mills
Lord Walton Peter Egan
Gareth Peter Capaldi
Delilah June Brown
Dr Rosenblum Peter James
Dr Cutler Clive Corner
Director Mel Smith
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Other Information

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